by Tim McDonald on 08/13/14

October 30, 2012
In my wildest dreams, I never imagined God would surround me with people who have such great passion for Him. The things I have wondered about and wept over for years, He has brought to pass around me. And, yes, there are things yet to be fulfilled; and, yes, He is still speaking to me now of things yet to come. I don't know why at times He shows me things yet to come, but He does. 
Am I claiming to be a prophet? Oh no! Is there a move of God in our area? Oh, yes, there is! Why did He choose us to have a part in it? These words come to my mind, "Grace, grace, marvelous grace."
I ask that you pray for the lost.
Would you weep for those outside of Christ?
I ask you to pray for power for all the churches in our area.
Doing nothing doesn’t work; we have already tried that!
I ask you to pray for the Fire of God to fall on us?
Do we need more evidence that we are in great need of revival?
Will you pray for our missionaries?
We have lost two pastors this year in Mexico at the hands of drug cartels; both murdered. Have you ever looked into the eyes of men who face death, and yet still preach Jesus Christ, Him crucified -- the Hope of Glory. We support men and women like that!
Finally, will you pray your Pastor will always obey the Lord.
Ask Him to make this the greatest fear in my life. May I fear it above
all things; second, only to The Almighty. 

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by Tim McDonald on 01/18/13

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